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System consisting of glass cleaning machine have?

Time:2015-03-04 09:54:01  Author: Haisheng Glass Machinery
Glass washing machine basic working principle: After the high-frequency transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, will produce a very small high-frequency vibration amplitude and spread to the cleaning solution tank, in the role of the transducer, the cleaning liquid inside will continue to produce a large number of tiny bubbles and instantly burst, each bubble burst will have a number of Baidu's high and nearly atmospheric pressure shock wave, which washed away the workpiece. 
        Glass washing machine is mainly composed of transmission, scrub, rinse, water rinse, cold, hot air, electric control system components. According to user needs, in large glass washing machine comes with a manual (pneumatic) glass flipped cars and light inspection systems. Below the main tank for cleaning glass washing machine of the ultrasonic generator, power glass washing machine of glass washing machine of conduct commentary. 
        Ultrasonic generator: convert electrical energy into mechanical energy of the piezoelectric ceramic transducer, frequency, power depending on the specific model. 
        Power Glass Washing Machine: A to provide the necessary power transducer power inverter, imported IGBT components, install overcurrent protection circuit. 
        Glass cleaning tank cleaning machine: A bloom is made of stainless steel workpiece to be cleaned, install heating and temperature control devices. Cleaning tank bottom adhesive ultrasonic transducer.