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What causes the explosion of glass when milling machining?

Time:2015-03-04 09:55:59  Author: Haisheng Glass Machinery
Glass edging machine of the many reasons the processing of glass burst of glass, due to a variety of glass on the wall blew after the due performance of different kinds of glass, different regions, different installation methods, blew reason is very complex. Therefore, the glass blew in different regions, have to be carefully analyzed according to the actual situation, find out the reasons, in order to avoid large areas of glass blew. The coated glass wall blew on a single post, and more on to find a cause from the installation. After the production of hollow glass wall blew from hollow glass and installed on both sides to find a cause. 
        Total it up: white float clear glass blew rate lower than the rate of colored transparent glass blew in, blew rates for all colored transparent glass is lower than the rate of coated glass blew, blew rates hidden frame glass curtain wall coating below have frame glass curtain wall blew rates, blew monolithic glass on the wall after the rate is lower than the rate of hollow glass on the wall blew after. Glass blew thermal stress, the body parts from the glass is generally caused by uneven. 
        Infrared light portion of the glass on the wall after the direct sunlight, the glass absorbs the sun's visible light, these light into heat in the vitreous body, the body temperature of the glass and the formation of thermal expansion of the glass around. Such as glass mosaic inside the aluminum frame and glass inlay part is not being exposed to the outside of the box exposed to the same radiation, thus leading to overall exposure to heat unevenly, forming an internal thermal stresses, thermal expansion of the glass in the area of tensile stress on the glass edge, this tensile stress is greater than the tensile strength of the glass, it will cause breakage of glass.